Dear Armenians Welcome To

The World Championships of Performing Arts!


More than 60 countries all over the world will send their aspiring performers and entertainers, both amateurs and professionals, to represent their countries at this event. This is a global competition system similar to the Olympics in sports .There is no other talent event for performers and entertainers in the universe like the World Championships of Performing Arts. It is the only recognized certified world wide event…

The Hollywood industry represents welcome contestants to this incredible event…

Participate at WCOPA which can be a beginning in your future career.

H101TV has rights to select a teams and present countries: Armenia and Armenian Heritage in the world and Artsakh.

The flag of each Performing Arts Team will be proudly carried by delegates from their team during the magnificent opening ceremonies (Parade of Nations).  It is a distinct honor and a unique chance to become a part of this exciting “world of entertainment” Outstanding agents, producers, managers and directors will be there to discover new faces and new talents from around the world.

Go for the Gold! Welcome to WCOPA! Welcome to Hollywood!

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